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Nicola Cooke is a professional contemporary artist and photographer  living and working in Dorset, UK.

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By Nicola Cooke, Apr 6 2014 06:35PM



Fluttering pink confetti. A spring celebration. I’m not talking weddings, but something else to which I would raise a glass to …trees. Or more specifically, blossom on trees…a fanfare proclaiming that spring is here, the weather is better and the days are longer – wonderful! To stand under the canopy of a huge old tree and to look upwards through the branches and leaves towards the sky fills me with awe.

To paint

I paint things that are important to me; things I have an emotional response to, or a love of. Because of this, as I often tell people, I am able to ‘put my heart and soul’ into what I do.

As a child I would reach up to touch the beautiful blossom of the flowering cherry trees in our garden – and sometimes climb the tree to get a better view!

Where we live at our house in Dorset, we are totally surrounded by huge trees; vast oaks, ashes, beech and lime trees are to name but a few. I have got to know the way each type of tree has its own unique growth habit; the way the branches reach out from the trunk, how the twigs grow in different directions and stretch out to the sky.

Feathered residents

My most recent paintings have been of trees, not only birch and larch trees, which for some years have been a favourite of mine; but also beeches, lilacs and more ornamental trees – such as cherry serrula.

The stunningly beautiful trees in the meadow and parkland by our house have also featured in my paintings, along with all their feathered residents.

I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings as much as I did creating them.


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