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Nicola Cooke is a professional contemporary artist and photographer  living and working in Dorset, UK.

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A Tale to tell - secrets revealed

By Nicola Cooke, Sep 6 2014 03:50PM

A Tale to tell – secrets revealed

Tiny zigs-zags, twinkling sparks of gold and delicate silver- green filigree are just some of the tiny secret treasures of beauty in nature that are revealed to those who take the time to stop and look and wonder.

These little secrets; the tiny zig-zag patterns on sea-shore rocks made by grazing limpets, the gold twinkles in fossils, which are flecks of iron pyrite, and the delicate silver-green filigree is the beautiful lichen that is on our old apple tree, are not unlike the secrets that a painting has to tell.

Whenever I look at a painting, although I will regard it at a distance, I always come in for a closer look. When I am planning a painting I know what I want the subject to be and also the composition and look that I am aiming for. I use layers of paint sometimes quite thick to give an interesting texture, which I then over-lay with much thinner washes to create soft veils of colour conveying atmosphere and depth.

Much time is then spent drawing and mark making, sometimes these marks and lines are tiny and in many varying colours, they may not be instantly obvious, but they all add up to being an integral and important part of the overall painting.

With that, I invite you, when standing before one of my paintings, to take a step closer and if you do…you may find the painting has more tales to tell….


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